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5 simple tips to make your home green

Tip 1: Use LED lighting

When you take into account that around 25% of your homes energy bill is solely electricity, making changes to the types of light bulbs that you use around your home could have an enormous impact on both the planet and your budget. LED light bulbs are solid and super efficient lasting up to ten times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs which means your household waste is also minimised!


Tip 2: Recycle your waste

Recycling your household waste is also a great way to minimise your global footprint. By taking the time to separate your by-products into recyclables, compost, and general household waste you will also have the added benefit of being gentler on your home sewerage pipes. Did you know for example that baby wipes are not biodegradable meaning that any time you flush one down the toilet they end up floating whole in the sewerage network unable to be broken down naturally and needed harmful chemicals to be applied in order for them to disperse? The more you know!

Tip 3: Use a Programmable Thermostat

For those of us who use internal heating and cooling systems in our homes, using a programmable thermostat to keep you from needing prolonged bursts of hot/cold air to get your home to the desired temperature quickly can have a massive impact on both our power bill and the environment. Try setting the desired temperature to begin an hour before your family arrives home which will ensure that there is plenty of time for the system to bring the house to your needed temperature without needing to blast it on high.

Tip 4: Fill in gaps and draft spots around your home

Taking it easy on your homes heating devices is not only a much better choice for the planet, it also has the added benefit of taking dollars off your electricity bill. Set aside some time during a windy day and check the home for drafts and gaps between doors, under appliances (such as dishwashers and washing machines) and any other areas that allow wind to flow in from outside and through the home. Plug these drafts with door stoppers where you can, and when needed make changes to where your appliances sit in your home.

Tip 5: Use water saving taps

Use the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) to identify what taps are the most water efficient. 5 Star being the best and one star the worst. By 2021, Australians could save more than one billion dollars through reduced water and energy bills by simply choosing more efficient products not to mention the knock on effect of saving our most precious resource – water!


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