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3 Simple Tips on How to Unblock a Drain

blocked drainLet’s face it, blocked drains stink. It’s a foul and cruel game played over and over again by the Lords of Drains to torture the humans. And anyway, no one wants that smelly disaster lurking around. Not inside the house, and not outside. The best way to combat this pongy playground is to subdue it with great skill. Not really. Here are some simple steps to relieving your family and home of some very unpleasant blocked drain odors.

Step #1 The trusty plunger

  1. Whether it’s the bathroom basin or kitchen sink, if it’s a double basin, then you will need to plug one side up before you start.
  2. Start thrusting the plunger using an even up and down movement. Once you get momentum it will make it easier. Don’t forget to use your core muscles! Tensing your tummy will give you more strength than you can imagine.
  3. Tub of petroleum jelly lying about? If using the plunger poses to be too difficult, try applying a bit of this slippery stuff to help you plunge.


Step #2 The natural way

Don’t be disheartened if the classic plunger method didn’t work. Here’s a brilliant age-old recipe for drain-cleanse without all the nasty and dangerous chemicals. This should work for basic everyday blockage like hair, toothpaste, shaving cream and kitchen oils.

  1. Place a cup of baking soda down the drain and leave for 20 minutes.
  2. Pour a cup of vinegar down the drain and leave for 30 minutes.
  3. Then pour down a kettle-full of boiling water. Repeat last step after 10 minutes.


Step #3 Dial the professionals

If these two simple solutions fail, then there could be something more serious going on. Although there are other, stronger corrosive products on the market, as well as professional electric snakes that you can hire, unless they are used by a professional, they may be harmful to you or cause damage to the lining of your pipes. Trust No Doubt Plumbing awesome team to get your drains on the right path instead.

Don’t suffer any longer. Avoid the ghastly stench and inevitable stinky mess by getting the experts in.

We’ll do the job right the first time. No Doubt Plumbing will come to you anywhere in Melbourne at a flat fee including inspection and clearance with no hidden extras for only $175. You can trust us to be the most affordable plumbers in Melbourne.


No Doubt We have Happy Customers!

  • We had a blocked drain problem and contacted a plumbing company to rectify, after the 4th visit in 9 weeks we thought we get a second opinion as we spent in excess of $900 in 4 visits and plumber kept telling us we were using too much toilet paper…

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  • We had a bathroom guttered and refurbished. We use our builder and No Doubt Plumbers. We find them very organised and did a great job. I specially love the mixer and double shower. Thanks No Doubt.

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  • We had No Doubt Plumbing clear our drain in less than 1 hour, costing us $175 which included CCTV Drain Camera Inspection to determine that my deodoriser at the toilet had flushed down. It was located and retrieved. Job done.

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