Plumbing tips and advice

Plumbing Emergency? 7 Steps to take NOW!

A burst pipe in your home can be an incredibly confronting experience, especially for those who don’t have an understanding of how to best assess and react to the situation. Here we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how best to manage a ‘home in crisis’ and get the best outcome. Step 1… Read more

The 5 best Water Saving Taps for your home

The Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards Scheme (WELS) is an Australian Government lead system that rewards brands for making the most water efficient products possible. We have compiled a list of some of the highest WELS rated taps currently on the market in an effort to help you save money and the planet. Water Saving… Read more

5 simple tips to make your home green

Tip 1: Use LED lighting When you take into account that around 25% of your homes energy bill is solely electricity, making changes to the types of light bulbs that you use around your home could have an enormous impact on both the planet and your budget. LED light bulbs are solid and super efficient… Read more

4 Plumbing Myths Busted

We know that plumbing is an essential service without which your home and surrounds would be plunged into some seriously unhygienic conditions. Given it takes years of TAFE and on the job training to become a plumber we can be forgiven for getting lost in the technical jargon of the plumbing trade when having it… Read more

Does DIY plumbing impact your home insurance?

You may be surprised to learn that outside very basic tasks to do with your plumbing (think something as simple as changing a tap washer) both your home insurance and your personal health insurance could be in serious jeopardy should you choose to take up the tools yourself. Apart from the real chance of accident… Read more

How to Unblock a Toilet yourself

Averting a smelly disaster is important in anyone’s books, so offering these simple tips on how to unblock a toilet should be kept handy. Who knows when an emergency will strike? Whether it’s the little girls room or the men’s library, a blocked toilet is everybody’s business. What’s blocking the toilet? It’s a good idea… Read more

3 Simple Tips on How to Unblock a Drain

Let’s face it, blocked drains stink. It’s a foul and cruel game played over and over again by the Lords of Drains to torture the humans. And anyway, no one wants that smelly disaster lurking around. Not inside the house, and not outside. The best way to combat this pongy playground is to subdue it… Read more

How to find the best Plumbers in Geelong

An honest Review Nobody likes blocked pipes. Nor does anyone fancy leaking taps or clogged sinks, which is why it’s useful to have a local plumber you can trust on your speed dial. But finding a good plumber in Geelong isn’t always an easy feat. Although many people will just Google ‘Best Plumbers in Geelong’ the results… Read more

No Doubt We have Happy Customers!

  • We had a blocked drain problem and contacted a plumbing company to rectify, after the 4th visit in 9 weeks we thought we get a second opinion as we spent in excess of $900 in 4 visits and plumber kept telling us we were using too much toilet paper…

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  • We had a bathroom guttered and refurbished. We use our builder and No Doubt Plumbers. We find them very organised and did a great job. I specially love the mixer and double shower. Thanks No Doubt.

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  • We had No Doubt Plumbing clear our drain in less than 1 hour, costing us $175 which included CCTV Drain Camera Inspection to determine that my deodoriser at the toilet had flushed down. It was located and retrieved. Job done.

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