Blocked drains can be a nightmare from start to finish. Your gutters and downpipes blockedDrainsVideo_03
can cause flooding in driveways, channels and yard sumps. They can even affect neighbouring properties, and no one wins when that happens.

But there’s a solution. Get blocked drains cleared before they become an expensive clean up job. No Doubt our Plumbers in Melbourne can help you with that!

What’s blocking my drains?

The most common culprits that cause blocked drains are:

  • Tree roots
  • Drain dislodgements that encourage a build-up of materials
  • General debris

Can you unblock my drains?

Do kangaroos live in Australia? You can have no doubts about our credentials and expertise. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve tackled more blocked drains in Melbourne and Geelong than you’ve had barbeques.

Here’s what we do:

  • Our state of the art CCTV camera is pushed into the blocked drain to locate the problem.
  • Our camera sends a signal that enables us to pinpoint the problem to the millimetre.
  • For most blockages, we can use a high powered jet cleaning machine.
  • For stubborn blockages such as tree roots, we use a sewer machine, which can cut its way through the blockage.
  • Sections of damaged pipes can be quickly replaced without having to take out the entire pipe.

Why choose No Doubt Plumbing?

004_NDP_Services_07The specialist plumbing equipment we use means that we can quickly identify the problem and apply the right remedy, which results in a speedy and effective service. There’s no messing around until something works.

Why not take advantage of our $250 blocked drain offer? For $250, we’ll provide a plumber with equipment to unblock your drain within an hour. I know! Awesome, isn’t it?

We have over 20 years of experience, and our expertise means that once we do a job, it’s done properly and effectively. We never cut corners.

Don’t doubt any longer – call 1800 NO DOUBT (1800 663 682), your blocked drain specialists in Melbourne and Geelong.

Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 .. 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.

Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.