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Whether you’re setting up home for the first time or you’ve decided to spruce Melbourne Plumbing Professionalsup the place, No Doubt Plumbing can give great advice and service when it comes to choosing the right taps for your home.

Tapware styles

There’s much more to choosing the right tapware than you may think. Some people prefer modern fixtures and fittings to go with their contemporary bathrooms and kitchens, whilst others prefer traditional favourites to fit with their old fashioned homestead.

Tap technology

Before purchasing new taps, you should ascertain whether your property suffers any water pressure problems. There are different parts in taps for low and high water pressures that will ensure your taps work perfectly.

A professional installer will check the pressure when they fit your taps and can give advice on the best-performing taps for both low and high water pressure areas.

Tap types

You may also want to give some thought to which types of taps you want to have, such as the following:

  • Pull out spray taps
  • Mixer taps
  • Single lever taps
  • Twin lever taps
  • Spring mono taps

And these are just a few! It’s important, however, to get the right taps for your home, as these will be the finishing touches to your kitchen or bathroom. As the most used pieces of equipment, it’s also essential to ensure that they are of a high quality and installed correctly to prevent any future problems.

Installing your tap ware

Our Melbourne Plumbing professionals don’t just come in and install your taps for you; we can also advise on the most suitable taps for your water pressure and your kitchen or bathroom design.

We’ll even accompany you to the shop and browse through the range with you, identifying any potential issues or making recommendations.

Of all the taps we recommend, Australian brands feature highly because of their quality and durability.

It’s all part of our service and just one of the many reasons you should call No Doubt Plumbing – the Melbourne plumbing professionals – for all your plumbing needs, Call us now for free on 1800 NO DOUBT (1800 663 682).

Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 .. 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.

Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.