Toilet and Cistern Repairs

Whether you have a blocked loo or a leaking cistern, our team of crack Toilet and Cisterns Repairsplumbers in Melbourne and Geelong can soon get your waterworks flowing regularly once more. Toilet and Cisterns Repairs are just one of our specialties…

Leaky Loo?

How do you know if your toilet is leaking? Let’s face it, water on the bathroom floor could be from a number of sources, but if you try this little trick, you’ll know whether you have a leaking toilet or not.

Place a few drops of food colorant in the cistern, and let it settle; if after an hour or so, you have coloured water around the toilet, then you’ll know you have a leak.

A leaking toilet is one problem that’s best left to the experts as it could be a cracked tank, a leaking seal or valve or a dodgy supply line. Sometimes the problem can be fixed with new supply washers or by re-sealing the toilet; however, sometimes you may need to replace the cistern or the entire toilet.

Blocked toilet?

If you have a blocked toilet, you may be able to remedy the problem yourself with a little DIY. Here are some simple fixes for Toilet and Cisterns Repairs:

  • Take a long, flexible tube (often called a plumbing snake) and try inserting it into your toilet, feeding it down the pipe to dislodge any blockage.
  • Plunge the toilet, making sure that you get a good seal. Do this repeatedly with a little water in the bowl to unblock the toilet.
  • Pour a packet of baking soda into the toilet bowl. Now, slowly add a bottle of vinegar and leave for a while. Next, pour a bucket of hot water into the bowl. Hopefully, this will dissolve and clear away your blockage.

If you’ve tried these DIY techniques but failed, then call out the experts. No Doubt Plumbing in Melbourne and Geelong can pinpoint the blockage and use specialist equipment to unblock that loo in no time!

Need a new Toilet?

If you fancy a bathroom makeover and want a brand new toilet, then let No Doubt Plumbing install your toilet professionally and quickly. A badly fitted toilet can cause the kind of leaks that require plumbing attention, so don’t DIY it – trust in the experts.

Phone 1800 NO DOUBT (1800 663 682) free today.

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Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 .. 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.

Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.