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How to find the best Plumbers in Geelong

An honest Review

Nobody likes blocked pipes. Nor does anyone fancy leaking taps or clogged sinks, which is why it’s useful to have a local plumber you can trust on your speed dial. But finding a good plumber in Geelong isn’t always an easy feat.

Although many people will just Google ‘Best Plumbers in Geelong’ the results won’t all genuinely be the best. So how do you know a great plumber from a dodgy one?

Some people may get a couple of quotes and pick the cheapest one, but that isn’t always the best option. If you are comparing purely on price then make sure you are finding out the specifics of each quote so you know exactly what you’re getting. The cheaper option may be doing less work or taking shortcuts so they can offer you the lower price. It goes the other way also, just because one company is really expensive, it doesn’t mean they are the best. Another thing to keep in mind, is it may not be wise accept definite quotes over the phone. If they haven’t seen the issue but can still give you an exact amount then they might just be throwing a number at you to get you to make a quick decision. Phone estimates are fine but an actual quote has to be done in person.

Price is one comparison option but there are many other things that people forget to find out about. Here are a few questions to ask so you can find the right person for the job.

How long have you been in business?

It’s human nature to trust longevity and that instinct isn’t wrong. A company that has been in business for a long time is less likely to leave you in the lurch compared to a newly established business without the experience and credibility to back them. That’s not to say that new companies are bad, but it’s a good idea to do a little extra research on newer companies.

Do you have insurance to cover my property and the ones next to it?

Whether it’s major plumbing work that you’re having done or something minor, it’s still important to make sure the contractor you choose has insurance to cover the costs if anything should good wrong. This will give you peace of mind that you won’t be out of pocket if there is unforeseeable damage done to your property or your neighbour’s.

Do you have references for previous work or can I see previous work that you’ve done?

The company may be able to provide you with a location that you can visit to check out their work or at least provide you with references and testimonials to back up their credibility. It’s also a good idea to take a look at their social media pages to see what feedback people write and look at any reviews that customers have written on third party websites.

Do you guarantee your work?

It is important to find out what kind of guarantee the company offers. Whether it’s a ‘money back guarantee’ or a replacement guarantee it’s a good idea to know what they cover and how long the guarantee is valid for.

These simple questions will help you distinguish between the professionals and the frauds. When it comes to things like plumbing, you want to get it right the first time so doing a little research goes a long way.

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