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Plumbing Emergency? 7 Steps to take NOW!

A burst pipe in your home can be an incredibly confronting experience, especially for those who don’t have an understanding of how to best assess and react to the situation.

Here we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how best to manage a ‘home in crisis’ and get the best outcome.

Step 1
Turn off the water at your water meter. If you don’t know how to do this, watch this video to guide you through it.

Step 2
Call your plumber! No Doubt Plumbing offers a 24 hour service emergency plumbing in Melbourne and Geelong.

Step 3
Ensure that any hazards caused by the issue are minimised to yourself and your family. For example keep children away from raw sewerage!

Step 4
Call your home insurance company to notify them of the issue and check your coverage for emergency plumbing.

Step 5
Put some gloves on and begin working on the cleanup. You should make sure that any and all electrical appliances within the area have been turned off before you begin cleaning up to avoid any accidents.

Step 6
Take an inventory of any furniture and household items that are effected by the water. Water damage can be in insidious issue – showing up at a later date so be careful to take note of any furniture that has been saturated, along with any walls that may have had their integrity compromised by potential water damage.

Step 7
Once the job is complete, test your electrical appliances one at a time to make sure that they all work and that you do not need to add anything to your insurance claim.

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  • We had a blocked drain problem and contacted a plumbing company to rectify, after the 4th visit in 9 weeks we thought we get a second opinion as we spent in excess of $900 in 4 visits and plumber kept telling us we were using too much toilet paper…

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  • We had a bathroom guttered and refurbished. We use our builder and No Doubt Plumbers. We find them very organised and did a great job. I specially love the mixer and double shower. Thanks No Doubt.

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  • We had No Doubt Plumbing clear our drain in less than 1 hour, costing us $175 which included CCTV Drain Camera Inspection to determine that my deodoriser at the toilet had flushed down. It was located and retrieved. Job done.

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