We’ll clear your Blocked Sewer, no doubt!

Do you suffer from a nasty, foul smelling, gurgling beast lurking in your pipes? sewerage-right_03 Call No Doubt Plumbing and say adios to the beast of the sewers!

Giveaway signs of blocked sewers

If you act on the signs of a blocked sewer or drain before it becomes an issue, then you’ll save yourself a very smelly emergency.

  • Nasty smells – we all know what blocked sewerage drains smell like!
  • Toilet and sink drainage – your toilet may fill up after flushing, and water in your sink will take much longer to drain.
  • Gurgling – this sounds a bit like someone with a bad throat gargling water somewhere beneath your plug hole.

What’s the real danger of a blocked drain in Melbourne?

Ignoring the tell-tale signs (hoping things get better on their own) could lead to more serious issues, the most obvious of which is poor health. A blocked or damaged pipe can damage your property or result in sewerage spilling out into your garden.

Not to mention the fact that visitors will be able to smell your home before they even see it!

What’s blocking my sewerage?

The first culprits to be blamed are often kids, and we retrieve quite a few toys that have ‘accidently’ been flushed down the toilet. But there are other blockages that can cause quite a stink too.

  • Tree roots. In particularly dry areas, tree roots will extend further in their search for water, and this can often mean breaking into your sewage pipes.
  • Fat or grease. When oily fat or grease is poured into drains, it doesn’t drain away. Instead, it forms a greasy lining, which builds up over time until the whole pipe becomes blocked.
  • Waste. Some things should never be flushed down the toilet.
  • Broken pipe. A more serious issue, but fortunately, less common.

If blocked sewerage is driving you round the bend …

No Doubt plumbers are experts, offering emergency plumbers in Melbourne and Geelong, with a same day service to avert any cataclysmic sewerage disasters.

We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because we know that blocked drains don’t pre-book.

We have specialist cameras we can use to pinpoint with accuracy just what and where the blockage is, providing lasting solutions with the help of the following:

  • Sewer machine – a device that employs rotational steel cables with cutting attachments that can tackle the most stubborn of blockages, including tree roots
  • High pressure jet cleaners – a flexible, highly effective way to leave your drains and pipes sparkling
  • Replacement pipes – if you have a broken sewerage pipe, we can identify the affected section and quickly replace it.

$250 blocked drain Melbourne and Geelong offer

sewerage-left_03Because of the specialist equipment we use, we don’t have to do any exploratory work – our cameras tell us exactly what the problem is and emit a signal so we can locate the issue to the very millimetre.

We won’t provide an expensive quote that covers all possible scenarios. Instead, we do an assessment of the sewerage drains and then provide an accurate quote, so you know what you are paying for.

Right now you can benefit from our $250 special offer – CCTV camera inspection, specialist drainage equipment and one hour on site for just $250. That’s got to be better than a blocked toilet!

Without a doubt, No Doubt Plumbing are the expert plumbers of Melbourne and Geelong. Get it done right, and you’ll only need to get it done once.

Call 1800 NO DOUBT (1800 663 682) today.

Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 .. 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.

Don't doubt any longer, call - NO DOUBT (1800 663 682) your Melbourne & Geelong blocked drain specialist.